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Simple, Fast, Secure, Smart and Fits Everyone

Fits Everyones

Grouplikes brings attention to your account and needs, we aim to grow accounts and increase sales. We work with Businesses, Models and Bloggers from big to small.


Although we do require your Instagram password, we do not store any of your personal information. All of our actions and being supervised by Instagram.

We must comply with Instagram guidelines and terms of service. We don't deal with bots, fakes accounts or promotions.

Simple & Easy

Grouplikes is a "set it and forget it"

Because we only use our knowledge, efficiency and a 24/7 support service, there is no need to worry.

Our service works in the background and you don't need to check your account or keep it open.


We are smart, our software and stuff are really smart.

We comply with Instagram algorithm and work in order to get the best out of Instagram. We are constantly make sure you wont get ant action blocks or action limit.

We work so efficient that the software sleep with you sleep.

We respect daily and hourly action limits imposed by Instagram.

Fast and efficient

Grouplikes is designed to save time and work faster than any human being, we usually preform more than 2000 actions a day

Our weekly work is equal to 70-80 hours of manual work.


Troubleshooting & FAQ

Questions from costumers and new clients

How It works?

We do a full analysis of your account, after that we consult with you on profiling your target audience and the type of people you want to engage with.

Ones we know who we need to engage with, we start slowly to engage with them, we want to expose your business to as many potential costumers as possible.

We custom the service for each of our clients and tailor it to their needs and time frames. 

Everything we do it customisable and client's input is very important.

Do you guarantee anything?

We can only guarantee growth.

Since 2012, more than 75,000 clients tried and service, +80% reached their goals and sales targets.

We don't want to guarantee more than we can but we are sure on a very high level that we can reach all desired goals.

How specific can you get?

As specific as possible, we can target people with the following ways:

1. Location - Target people in a specific location can increase sales by over 200% just because you engage with people from your area who can come to your shop or event order very easily.

2. Users Followers - If you like a user and you aim to engage with his audience we can very easily engage with all his followers, of course we only engage with the people worth engaging.

3. Users Following - Some times you want to engage with the people your clients follow to reach more people of the same type. We can do that very easily as well.

4. Hashtag - Hashtags provide a lot of content and constantly being updated, engaging with people that like and comment on a specific hashtag massively increase the chance to hit the right audience.

What Is my audience?

When we profile an audience we look at a few things:

1. What niche is the business in and what type of people follow big accounts from that niche.

2. The owner experience, thoughts and needs.

3. Because we have over 100 clients in each niche we collect data on what succeed for other business in the niche and use that to better the results of the new client.

4. We out-source expert who know the required field and look for different tactics on how to reach as many potential costumers as possible.

Is It safe?

Very. Because we only operate as Instagram dictates, because we follow Instagram algorithm and because don't store of your personal information and because the only people who can see your personal information is Instagram Development Team, there is no reason to worry.

Even ones you apply for the service and get accepted, you can always stop the service by changing the password.

More than that, we back-up your account so every action we take is reversible.

Do you offer free trail?

Yes there is, after you have been approved we offer a free trail, we do it so you can test the service and for you not to pay until the service get to its full power,

What is the best settings?

There is no best. It is all really depends on your goals and needs. We will do our best to grow your account at the rate of 1,000 per month and hopefully a few sales, which will give you a nice ROI on your investment with us.


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